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Enjoy Our  Cage-Free 
Grooming Environment

As a devoted pet parent, you want your dog to look beautiful and enjoy a good health. Our priority at Fluffy Doggy is always making sure pups are enjoying their grooming and then making them pretty. We want to provide them a stressless  grooming experience. 

Fluffy Doggy grooming store is not only the Dog SPA Store
It is also a "Mini Dog Park". 
You pup will let you know how happy they are with their tail wagging.

No matter what age, size or coat type, your dog needs to be groomed regularly. The benefits of regular grooming extend far beyond just making your dog look stylish. Grooming will improve overall health. Dogs that are healthy are usually happier and act friendlier.

At Fluffy Doggy, we are proudly provide your pup our finest grooming services while  treating them like our own kids. Our constant endeavour is to use our state-of-the-art equipment as well as safety standards that we set as our number one priority to make our pup look pretty, healthy and happy.

"Proper" Grooming is Very Important

Regular Grooming is very important to keep your pup happy and health. But what kind of Grooming Service is best for your pup is always a good question to ask. Recently, we have a lot of customer asked us to shave down their dog because they think their pup is hot.For some dogs, cut their hair shorter will help them stay cooler, but for some dogs, cut their hair short will destroy their hair and irritate their skin.   

Double-Coated Dog. Best Example will be Golden Retriever, Husky. Shave their hair  will not keep them cool, but it will destroy their coat.The top “guard hairs” actually act as insulation against the heat and sunburn and the undercoat is actually part of a dog’s natural cooling system, but if not properly maintained it can become matted and prevent air flow across your dogs skin. Frequent brushing helps remove and “dead” fur and keeps your pets coat healthy and comfortable.So for double coated dog, a bath & brush out will be enough to help their hair in a good shape.

Single-Coated Dog, Non-shedding dog. Best example, Bichon Frise, Poodle. Those dog require regular Grooming (Hair-cut) to prevent matts or tangles. Matts and Tangles block the air flow, thus, dog can easily get hot-spot and skin rash. Shaving them will not help them stay away from heat, but put them in danger with sunburn. We always recommend customer to leave at least 1/4 inches of hair on the dog to protect their skin.